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R.I.P. Lucian Ierna :: 2129 days ago

Goodnight, Grandpa.

Tampa Obama Rally :: 2292 days ago

I went to the Tampa Obama Rally on 10-20-2008 at Legends George M. Steinbrenner field.

I wanted to take some pictures, so I brought my long glass and a monopod.

When the ticket folks saw me walking up, I was sent to the media table, and I was signed up as local media!

So, I got to work in the press area of the event and shot the whole thing up-close and personal.

Even got to shake “That One’s” hand!

Mark Granning Retires :: 2430 days ago

Last week, I attended an awards ceremony for CATCOM, my alma-mater Lakewood High School’s magnet program for technology. CATCOM was started a couple of years after I graduated by Mark Granning, the teacher responsible for my success in media and technology. He retired at the end of the ceremony, handing the keys to his successor. Click through to view the video.

One Year Ago... :: 2609 days ago

...I was still recovering from the sadness of my mom passing away.

RIP, Mom :: 2974 days ago

Pamela Ierna died around 10:30PM on Saturday December 9th, 2006. She was 61.

LHS Band Video :: 3127 days ago

Over the last month or so, I’ve been working on an archival project, putting all of my tape-based media on hard disk.

One of the gems I found was a VHS copy of the Lakewood High School Jazz Band and Wind Ensembles from 1989.

eMac LCD Conversion :: 3135 days ago

Apple announced a warranty repair extension for the eMac when it shows no video! Since it was a refurb, I couldn’t verify against the serial numbers listed on the extension page , so I had to bring it in to the Genius Bar. They told me that my machine didn’t fall in the range. Crap.

Apple Store, NYC :: 3177 days ago

My friend Dave Ferguson , a splendid graphic artist, went to check out the 5th Avenue NYC Apple Store opening last night.