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eMac LCD Conversion :: Saturday July 1, 2006

CRTs can hold a charge in the thousands of volts. They act as a capacitor, and can hold this charge for days. Discharge your CRT properly before you begin work in earnest on a project like this.

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Ages ago, I found out it would cost nearly what I paid to fix the analog board in my eMac . Over $500 to repair a refurbished machine I only spent $599 on in the first place was folly, so it sat broken on my floor until last week. But what’s this? Apple announced a warranty repair extension for the eMac when it shows no video! Since it was a refurb, I couldn’t verify against the serial numbers listed on the extension page , so I had to bring it in to the Genius Bar. They told me that my machine didn’t fall in the range. Crap.

Later in the day, we’re at Sam’s Club, and I spot a Samsung 17” monitor for $199, and the plan begins a-brewin’. I’m going to convert the CRT eMac to an LCD, which will allow me to bypass and remove the faulty Analog Board completely.

The eMac is no longer a doorstop, and it only cost my $200 plus a few hours of time. The machine is about 30 pounds lighter, and won’t use as much electricity. Some have asked why I went LCD rather than replacing the CRT with the guts from a 17” monitor. This would have been more complicated — I would have had to remove the analog board still, and added a power supply for the computer. CRT monitors are hotter and heavier. LCD was just a better choice for a machine that didn’t require perfect color. Others have asked if I will change the form factor, making it slimmer. If that were the goal, I should just buy a used iMac, right?

Here’s the general process I took to complete this project, illustrated.

1) Take apart eMac. I don’t have pictures of this step since there is a take-apart manual floating around teh intarweb.

2) Remove Analog Board and CRT:

The Broken Analog Board


3) Remove everything until the faceplate looks like this:

The Faceplate

4) Set aside the logic board chassis (with hard and optical drives still connected):

The Logic Board Chassis

5) Prepare the LCD monitor. The one I used was a Samsung SyncMaster 730B:

Samsung SyncMaster 730B

6) Trace the new opening on the eMac Faceplate using the bezel taken off the LCD monitor:

I used Sharpie to mark the hole

7) Cut the opening. I used a jigsaw and a hand sander.

8) Place the LCD guts in the newly-cut opening:

Perfect Fit

9) Affix LCD guts in faceplate. I used packing tape. This is mainly to keep it straight until the CRT cowl is put back in.

10) Replace CRT cowl:

CRT Cowl

The next two steps use Leo Bodnar’s great headless eMac how-to . Without this excellent information, I wouldn’t have been able to complete this project in as little time as it took.

11) Make eMac power connector to hard drive connector:

Yeah, that's gaff tape

12) Make eMac video connector to VGA connector:

More Gaff

13) Scavenge power supply. This one came from an old SCSI hard drive case. It’s rated for 3A at 12VDC and 3A at 5VDC. It draws a little more than 1A. Since the eMac was originally rated to draw only about 1.5A, this power supply should be more than adequate.

So small compared to the Analog Board it is replacing

14) Solder the IEC end of a power cord for the LCD monitor onto the appropriate pads of the scavenged power supply.

15) Reconnect the eMac frame. It consists of a bottom plane connected to two acrylic struts.

16) Mount the power supply somewhere nice:

It actually lined up on two posts

17) Plug everything together and test it out:

Holy crap, it works

18) Find a place for the LCD monitor controls:

More gaff, and a few other things

Damn there's a lot of room in there now

19) Cut a hole in the outside case for the LCD monitor controls. The controls are required on the outside to turn the monitor on and off, and for size, contrast and other adjustments. Since this monitor doesn’t have a USB interface for OS control of these functions, it was necessary to make them externally accessible.

Almost looks stock

A little messy

20) Fasten the case back together.

21) Fini!

Looking Good

As with any project involving CRT monitors, BE CAREFUL. Discharge the CRT, and dispose of it properly!


  1. Do you plan on modifying the case to be thinner, as you now have much extra space? A flat-panel eMac would be a cool mod. dscott    07/02/06 18:24:20    #

  2. I like the idea of the extra internal space for extra drives.

    Congratulations on a good-looking result! nmcintyre    07/02/06 21:37:48    #

  3. Looks great!
    I’ll have to try it.
    I have 2 eMac door stops that didn’t fall in the range. Joel T    07/03/06 01:57:37    #

  4. “A flat-panel eMac would be a cool mod.”

    Oh, you mean an iMac? Benji    07/03/06 04:34:35    #

  5. >Oh, you mean an iMac?

    You’re a brilliant one, you are. He’s already got a computer, it just needs video. And your suggestion is to buy an entire second computer instead? Oh yeah, that certainly sounds efficient. Not. Eric    07/03/06 06:39:19    #

  6. Sweet Mod! When the monitor goes out on my eMac at work – I’ll have to do this! Chad Smith    07/03/06 09:50:14    #

  7. You’re losing more detail on an LCD monitor then you would have with a CRT monitor, and it’s still taking up as much space. Nice and clean mod, but a down-grade to say the least. The Dude    07/03/06 11:32:06    #

  8. >Oh, you mean an iMac?

    Ha! Nice. Mikey    07/03/06 11:35:38    #

  9. Instead of reducing the form factor, why not put the unused interior space of your case to good use. e.g. cut slots in it for a rack for CD’s or DVD’s. Or shelving for an iPod docking station or just a niche for notebook and pencil.

    Neat hack. steve poling    07/03/06 14:03:02    #

  10. I think it kicks!

    And for the extra space – why not fill the unit full of vegetable oil and have the coolest running, longest lasting LCD eMac? Superdog    07/04/06 11:41:10    #

  11. Any idea if this would work with an iMac DV? MD    07/04/06 13:02:39    #

  12. what brand was the crt tube? i’ve always wondered who apples crt tube supplier was ur mom    07/05/06 11:45:07    #

  13. Awesome dude! Your new one of a kind eMac looks great. John    07/05/06 12:08:58    #

  14. Great project! Thanks ! wmc    07/06/06 20:46:30    #

  15. What is the resolution of the new screen? The CRT max was 1280×960, but I assume the highest lcd display is 1024×768. yacko    07/09/06 19:44:18    #

  16. Various answers to postings:

    1) I won’t be modding the case to be thinner.
    2) If I put anything else in the now-empty space, it might be some device which can connect to the DVI of the LCD monitor. However, this machine is for my daughter, so the fact that it is working is good enough.
    3) The CRT tube was a Chunghwa.
    4) The new screen is 1280×1024, and I had to get SwitchRes to run at native resolution/scan rate because the DDE sense pins don’t seem to do anything (as noted on Leo Bodnar’s site). Tom Ierna    07/09/06 20:21:53    #

  17. OK, then what model # is the Samsung. I realize it is probably common given where you bought , but a detail like that makes a better article. yacko    07/10/06 11:50:10    #

  18. Yacko,

    That detail was in the ALT tag for the picture under step 5.

    I’ve moved it out to the text of step 5 for you. Tom Ierna    07/10/06 14:36:03    #

  19. O_O;;


    v3x    07/12/06 13:24:21    #

  20. Bravo, well done my good sir!

    Riscx    07/17/06 13:35:48    #

  21. Hey, “The Dude”, don’t be a moron, the LCDs now a days have as high or higher resolutions than CRTs. The eMac’s CRT was not that high resolution…at least not as high as the new LCD he put in.

    Excellent mod!!

    Ricardo Chavarria    07/17/06 19:43:56    #

  22. cool!!

    ta-bo    07/18/06 05:00:02    #

  23. Don’t let the haters get you down. This hack rawks!

    poopmaster    07/18/06 08:44:13    #

  24. It would be a lot easier to buy the external montior adapter ($20 MSRP IIRC) and use the LCD externally.

    Of course the internal mod is much cooler looking.

    Arthur Dent    07/18/06 11:03:47    #

  25. Nice Work ! You are challengin’ Apple with this eMac Modification… Compared to the iMac for school is a good one too !

    YaBlog    07/18/06 23:07:12    #

  26. Cool! I have and eMac, and a 730B…I would love to do something like this, but would never get it finished. I’m jealous!

    Ijo    07/18/06 23:47:34    #

  27. Doh ! Impressive !
    I’ll try with my SE30, sooner (or later)

    Phfred    07/19/06 13:29:32    #

  28. Did the same with my emac just yesterday (gen 1).
    Have still issues with the resolution too.

    THeFrog    07/20/06 01:03:48    #

  29. great stuff!
    Funny what can people achieve when they have nothing to lose.

    itres    07/20/06 10:23:39    #

  30. Looks great. I’ve done two of these in the past year. It makes for a much lighter eMac. I’ve found a couple of 16” LCDs that do 1280×1024 fit much better than the 17”. I’ve done a 1.25Ghz and a 700Mhz. Both are used everyday and work great.

    Great job on yours.

    dadams    08/12/06 18:52:04    #

  31. Quite impressive. A friend of mine pointed this out to me when I mentioned a project I’m thinking of. A mac SE case housing a mini-mac and small LCD… said it would be good for ideas.

    and it was. That’s quite the impressive mod.

    Joe    08/19/06 17:15:23    #

  32. Just thought I would chime in and say what a cool mod. I have a 1.25 ghz emac, within 3 months of buying the DVD drive had issues, the CRT began to have problems, and I held apple accountable and they replaced almost the entire computer (900+ bucks in parts and labor). Then the same happened with screen about 4 months later, and they once again ‘cleaned house’ on the computer, about another 700+ in labor and parts. Now the system seems to be working fine for the past year (knock on wood), so this 700 USD special cost apple service about 1650 USD to make workable. When it dies again, and I suspect it will eventually, I’ll do this mod to the monitor portion. Right now, I’m just tickled thinking about it weighing in at less than 1/2 of what it does now… And another flat panel external woul d be bonus bucks. :) Good job!

    SDO    10/03/06 16:08:32    #

  33. Kudos to you sir, excellent job! I work for an Apple Service Provider, and it makes me cringe when I tell customers with dead CRT/Analog Board Asseblies that it will cost nearly $500 to get it repaired. Our shop may consider this is a viable option for our customers. Once again, great job!

    Jason    02/06/07 12:53:12    #

  34. Hey, number 24…. what is the IIRC that you used to hook the LCD up to the mac externaly??

    Tim    02/11/07 03:42:53    #

  35. Tim,

    #24 was referring to this piece. In fact, I do have this piece and used it in the debugging process. I simply wanted an all-in-one solution.

    Tom Ierna    02/11/07 05:05:01    #

  36. is it possible to use an atx power supply in place of the scsi board that you used?

    Vino    04/05/07 20:17:25    #

  37. Vino,

    I bet it would be, since I’m using the 12 and 5VDC hard drive connector, and ATX power supplies have many of those.

    Tom Ierna    04/05/07 20:26:04    #

  38. I recently got an eMac and am preparing to do this exact mod. Where did you get the connector that you put on the other end of the power connector (power to logic board) ?

    bryan    02/01/08 04:27:23    #

  39. Hi, Bryan.

    The connector is a scavenged part. previously it connected the eMac analog board to the logic board.

    A close up of the pre-surgery part can be seen here:


    If you look at this link to Leo Bodnar’s site (also posted in the above article), you’ll find the pinouts and how to connect them to the hard drive power connector.


    Good Luck!

    Tom Ierna    02/01/08 14:48:11    #

  40. Great job. I’m stuck on step 11, creating the power connector to the logic board. Do you have any photos of it before you wrapped it in electrical tape.

    Sean    03/08/08 10:52:15    #

  41. I took this a little further and re-incarnated my beloved Mac Plus into a G4 emac server. Room for 4 Drives (hope to add 4 500HB or larger soon) extra USB2 and FW ports on the back. I converted the old brick of a mouse into a optical mouse, and just recently acquired an ingenious adapter that converts the signals from the old telephone style connector on the original keyboard, and converts it to PS/2 – which will then be converted to USB of course. A fully functional Mac Plus, with a 10” color 1024×768 TFT, original mouse and keyboard. Makes a killer media server, and looks pretty cool if I do say so myself! http://picasaweb.google.ca/ironic.irony1/Emacplus/photo#5185908626904328786

    Alex    04/05/08 15:41:40    #

  42. Really Excellent. How did you connect the LCD to the eMac video connector to VGA connector? After reading this, I want to buy all the old machines on Ebay to make my own mod. Thank you for this awesome page.

    Stephane    08/20/08 23:58:14    #

  43. Hi, Stephane.

    If you look just before step 11, there’s a link to the site where I got the pinouts.

    Basically, you take the VGA cable which came with your LCD monitor and cut one end off of it, and replace the end with the internal connector that goes from the motherboard to the analog board.

    Again, the pinouts are on Leo Bodnar’s site:


    Tom Ierna    08/21/08 06:07:59    #

  44. Great work. I would like to try it on my eMac, but how do you discharge the CRT?

    Tom    11/26/08 09:22:22    #

  45. Hi, Tom.

    To discharge, you need to place a grounded resistive probe under the CRT’s Anode.

    While I have my own (more dangerous) method, here is one you could use .

    Tom Ierna    11/26/08 18:37:51    #

  46. So if I use SwitchResX, I can get my eMac to run an external 17” monitor at its native resolution of 1280 X 1024 at 60 Hz?

    eigafan    01/04/09 23:13:19    #

  47. Yes.

    Tom Ierna    01/05/09 06:27:42    #

  48. Hello, awesome mod! I am attempting to do the same to my 1.25Ghz emac, but after successfully not killing myself discharging the crt and stripping most of it down, I have a few power questions. On Leo Bodnar’s site, he mentions a down converter board (for 800mhz)to be used for supplying power. Where exactly is this? Is it the thing which the main IEC outlet is plugged into (has a little “warning x-rays etc” sticker on it)? Did you utilize this, or just use the 12v 3A adapter to power everything?

    Kevin    01/21/09 04:34:09    #

  49. Question: WHY?!. What a waste of a VERY good CRT-based Mac. Crazy, but well done – you just depreciated your eMac many-fold.

    matt    03/10/09 16:29:27    #

  50. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.Joyce

    Rackmountsales    03/24/09 21:26:43    #

  51. The best hardware hack I have ever seen in a while…

    If I had your skills, I would fill that space with a car speaker…

    momovampire    04/04/09 03:28:51    #

  52. someone commented on using an external montior adapter.

    I have one of those (ie video out to VGA). My CRT is beginning to blank out.

    If I have my display settings set to ‘mirror’ displays, could I then just completely disconnect the CRT, put in an LCD and connect through the external display connector?

    (and I guess then just make up the power connection part)

    NZ Rob    06/18/09 01:03:13    #

  53. Hey dude sweet hack. ive been searchin for info after my uncle gave me his old iMac G4 1.25Ghz with 17 inch LCD screen, and have successfully removed the screen from the base and was wanting some help so that i could chande the interface to a standard VGA. if your interested ill send some pics. Awesome mod.

    Dragus    08/12/09 15:17:52    #

  54. Hi good info along with Leo Bodnar excellent tutorial helped me do my conversion.


    NZ Rob. Yes just buy the apple mini vga. You could wire in the LCD to the internal plug but on mine it only worked with another CRT. As LB said it maybe lock to 72hz in firmware

    oswaldkelso    09/12/09 14:02:01    #

  55. I have now succesfully removed the CRT. Just wondering, is there still dangerously high voltage stored anywhere (ie coming to the black cable with rubber ‘cup’ that used to plug into side of CRT. If I turn on power, I hear a high pitched sound. Is there a way to disconnect it or utilise it direct to the LCD monitor? (or is that what the adapted power cable is all about?)

    NZ Rob    10/31/09 23:30:28    #

  56. Hey, I ran across this while doing a search to see if anyone’s made a Macquarium out of an eMac. I love the case, and was given one where the analog board had literally caught on fire and charred a large section of the board. The person had been using it with an external monitor for a long time because the CRT was screwed up, so there’s serious burn in. Essentially, the analog board and CRT are useless, so I pulled the logic board, hard drive and combo drive and was planning to make a fish tank out of the rest, but I think I’ll give this a shot instead. I guess my plans revert back to the G3 Tower for the Macquarium. Thanks for the post!

    Adam    11/09/09 11:20:10    #

  57. Thanks for the pictures. I thought my 1.42 Ghz eMac would never die, but the CRT started squealing so loud it couldn’t be used anymore without earplugs. I’ve made my power connector and booted it – even had it running with the mini-vga adaptor. I was curious though: with your power supply I only saw one molex – did you just run power to the logic board from that SCSI supply and then let the DCB handle all the power to the hard drives and DVD as before, or are you powering drives separately with another supply (or did you Y-split the one molex pictured)?

    I was under the impression (from Leo’s site) that the DCB outputs wouldn’t be quite high enough without the analog board’s 20-some V into it.

    Thanks; quite a successful article (3 years later) :)

    dna.rna    12/15/09 20:58:41    #

  58. can you please tell me how to make eMac video connector to VGA connector

    diego    01/10/10 21:46:35    #

  59. thank you for posting this article !!!

    chris v    04/14/10 14:47:31    #

  60. I will pay you $100.00 to do this for me

    matthew    04/19/10 19:35:07    #

  61. Can you show the steps to discharge an eMac CRT?

    I am in the process of figuring out what is wrong with my e-mac that I got in 2002 and used briefly maybe 2 years before it went black…

    However, I am not touching anything on the front of the motherboard, even if I haven’t plugged my eMac for more than 2 years, as I am very inexperienced and this is the first time I am opening my eMac and taking it apart to see if there are leaking capacitors and anything is loose fitting like the ram and any screws…

    CRN    05/16/10 23:03:55    #

  62. Charge in systems such as that aren’t held for anything close to 2 years.

    Typically, I just unplug anything I’m going to work on and try to turn it on for about 30 seconds, which tends to drain most the power from a system.

    I’ve personally not worked on an eMac though.

    Aside from that, nice mod! That’s really awesome.

    Industrial LCD Screen Provider    07/29/10 05:48:36    #

  63. I want to know how did you
    how to Make eMac video connector to VGA connector

    Te    12/18/10 20:21:26    #

  64. Te, the pinouts for the eMac Video to VGA are shown on this site: http://www.lbodnar.dsl.pipex.com/eServer/

    Tom Ierna    12/18/10 21:21:55    #

  65. My electronics experience is pretty limited. Is it possible to remove the CRT and just connect a new monitor using the factory external display port? I understand it wouldn’t be as slick as your build, but if it would work, it may be the option I’m looking for.

    Nick    01/04/11 09:43:51    #

  66. Yes, this is possible. There is software configuration necessary to keep the external display the primary, I think.

    Tom Ierna    01/04/11 10:01:06    #

  67. Since the eMac can run an external monitor in mirror mode only, wouldn’t it display the same desktop on either screen on regardless of monitor configuration?

    Nick    01/23/11 20:37:52    #

  68. Thanks, that was a very informative post with some great tips and helpful information

    LCD Displays    03/11/11 07:13:38    #

  69. iMac sounds great and looks damn nice! I think i’ll make one for myself!

    Mark    03/15/11 10:38:21    #

  70. Great tutorial, I am trying to accomplish the same thing except, mine is a complete upgrade, I am using a 17” lcd monitor and a mini-itx mainboard with 250w power supply. How would I go about using the IEC connector from the eMac case to power both the motherboard and the lcd monitor?


    Brian    03/25/11 12:34:12    #

  71. I am in the process of hunting for an eMac to mod, I have been able to get my hands on an apple 17” studio display I would like to use for this conversion. I realise this will need to mod the ADC plug. You mentioned that the monitor you used did not have usb control. Is it possible to control this monitor via usb from inside the computer with the existing connector for the CRT or will I need to tap off one of the usb ports?


    Paul    06/12/11 06:52:39    #

  72. I’m not sure if you are still here answering questions (seeing as this is over 4 years old) But how you did this, are you powering the lcd monitor externally? (Running power cord to wall) Or did you make it run off the isci power supply? I am kind of confused there. And also, if the CRT still worked, and you had an external LCD monitor, couldn’t you split the video connector to run video to both the CRT and LCD at the same time? You might not because of power issues, but otherwise I’d see that as working? Well, it’d be mirrored which is pointless. But oh well.


    JD    07/18/11 15:58:19    #

  73. The LCD monitor was using its own power supply, but the wall-power cord was cut and spliced into the 120VAC solder pads on the scavenged supply being used to power the eMac.

    You can kind of see this on the left side of the picture below #16.

    The CRT may have worked, but the analog board (which drives the CRT) was busted and too expensive to replace. I went with the internal video signal so that I could still attach an external monitor to the eMac’s external monitor connection.

    Tom Ierna    07/18/11 17:03:44    #

  74. will this work with the 1.42 ghz version

    shaun    08/24/11 06:13:48    #

  75. can i keep the analog board and remove certain parts like the flyback and still have the 20 v and the abillity to turn on imac with switch ?

    shaun    08/26/11 05:18:24    #

  76. Yes, it should work fine with the 1.42GHz eMac.

    Regarding the Analog Board, mine was completely non-functional, so I don’t know if you could retain it for the 20v.

    Tom Ierna    08/28/11 10:39:37    #

  77. i have been thinking about somthing. i noticed that the ivad board controls the power up of analog and logic board.
    there is a label on ab that says tptpwron . i was wondering if i could splice the video cable to make it turn on power and still have a out going signal to flat panel .
    this would only work if ab was good

    shaun    08/28/11 22:09:48    #

  78. Me and my friend put an LCD in an emac that was left on my back porch. It worked normally for a couple hours then the CRT died. I found this and put it a CRT and my friend put in an ATX pc motherboard. I never noticed the link on how to make the power cable and now im going to try to use the original emac motherboard (I insisted that we kept it). Im so glad that we kept it because I like the emac for the way it looks, and it was running linux and it just felt wrong. I liked it running the original OSX. I might want to add an iPhone/iPod dock to the top in that extra space. like a slot that it slides into. I saw that comment and thought it was a cool idea. Ill link to some pictures of it if I ever get the chance to do it.

    Sean    05/15/12 14:30:25    #

  79. Forgot to say, If I cant get the eMac motherboard up and running, I was going to just swap it out with a mac mini. New computer, Old style.

    Sean    05/15/12 14:31:37    #

  80. Fully got the eMac motherboard running and the computer works great. the LCD I have really sucks and gets discolored a lot.

    Sean    06/07/12 11:12:49    #

  81. How does the cowl hold th LCD in place, or does it?

    Mike    03/21/13 21:31:11    #

  82. Mike, If I remember correctly, the cowl touched the display on the corners. It didn’t really hold it in as much as the tape did.

    Tom Ierna    03/25/13 14:59:51    #

  83. Tom, So far, so good with my mod. Had to devise a way to keep lcd pushed forward but it is solid. Thanks for the info that helped me along.

    Mike    04/17/13 23:21:26    #

  84. Hi Tom, I’ve done a similar work on my faulty eMac. I’ve converted it to an LCD TV and I’m thinking of inserting a MacMini inside, so I can use it as a Media Center. This is my eMac conversion article:


    Many thanks to you because you inspired me to do this with your website :)

    Niccolò    05/22/13 17:45:12    #

  85. where did you get the power supply i am stuck on that step please tell me the solution

    Akshit topiwala    07/03/13 20:28:33    #

  86. Hi, Akshit,

    The power supply was scavenged from an old desktop hard drive case. It uses both the 12VDC and 5VDC outputs of the power supply.

    You could probably use anything which provides both of these voltages, being careful to ensure that you have enough amperage on both rails.

    Best of luck!

    Tom Ierna    07/04/13 18:26:30    #

  87. so i have useless dell computer can i use the power supply from that computer. I also need guidance with those cables how to make a video to vga and hard drive to power connector i will be thankful if you provide me this information. Thank you very much for quick response.

    Akshit topiwala    07/23/13 12:31:42    #

  88. i will be really thankful if you provide me a link to a power supply compatible with this emac because thats the biggest risk in this task.

    Akshit topiwala    07/23/13 12:40:39    #

  89. Just wanted to share my finished project that was inspired by stumbling across your old eMac page.

    Mike    09/04/13 16:19:02    #

  90. Hi, Mike!

    Great mod!

    Tom Ierna    09/05/13 10:46:11    #

  91. Does anyone have tried to do the oposite to this project?: Meaning adapting a standard X86 mini-itx motherboard to the Crt of the eMac?

    Patricio    12/04/13 05:39:26    #

  92. Hey Tom Can you tell me how you did the video connector part and would it be okay if i use mini dvi to vga cable to connect the lcd or it should be an internal video connector only.
    Besides that i am almost done with everything

    ahtopiwala    12/29/13 00:52:41    #

  93. Hi, ahtopiwala,

    It’s been ages since I built this, and I don’t have it anymore.

    If memory serves, the reason for doing the display connection to the internal connector was to retain the use of mirroring and extended displays.

    Upthread, the pinouts for the internal connector is still listed at this address: http://www.lbodnar.dsl.pipex.com/eServer/

    Tom Ierna    12/29/13 21:26:01    #

  94. okay thanks i appreciate your quick response i will try something with that

    ahtopiwala    12/30/13 01:00:23    #

  95. Could You publish the electric connections scheme and used connector simbols, please?

    Dombi    10/11/14 16:09:45    #

  96. Hi, Dombi,

    You can find the pinouts at the link two comments above yours: http://www.lbodnar.dsl.pipex.com/eServer/

    Tom Ierna    10/11/14 16:16:15    #

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